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Recruitment information

The company was founded in 1992, is one specialized is engaged in footwear import and export of private enterprises, in fujian, Beijing, zhejiang, Vietnam has branches and product development center, hundreds of employees, annual turnover of hundreds of millions of yuan.

We provide a range of professional services from design and development, factory assessment, product testing to monitoring production, quality control, ship delivery, etc.

The company enjoys excellent reputation among its peers, and the customers are European and American shoe companies. The cooperative factory is a first-class enterprise in the local similar enterprises. It is now recruiting employees for the development of the business.

The company requires excellent communication skills, including good verbal and written communication and communication skills in Chinese and English. Ask employees to be proficient in foreign trade and have a thorough understanding of products. Ask employees to be diligent and good at teamwork; We require employees to be honest and dedicated and serve customers wholeheartedly.

1. Recruitment position: foreign trade salesman

Job responsibilities:

1. Contact customers, maintain and develop business with customers

2. Contact the factory to ensure the order is placed in a timely manner

3. Contact QC to ensure the delivery of orders on time

4. Responsible for the entry of ERP system, participate in exhibitions, and develop new guests

Job requirements:

1. International trade or English major, with professional English level 4 or above, proficient in spoken English and good written and written English.

2. I have more than one year experience in shoes related work, and have participated in the exhibition.

3. Honest and trustworthy, responsible, willing to work hard, willing to learn, have certain anti-pressure ability.

2. Recruitment position: alibaba sales person

Job responsibilities:

1. Majored in e-commerce or English, familiar with the company's products and the operation of alibaba platform, and completed the sorting and uploading of product data;

2. Ability to independently develop customers and maintain daily customer relations and communication;

3. Able to expand overseas market, handle tracking of foreign buyers' inquiries, and have high ability to convert orders;

4. Able to coordinate effectively with all departments of the company to ensure timely and effective shipment of customer orders;

5. Make full use of the company's internal resources to maintain the relationship maintenance work and establish important customer files;

Job requirements:

1. Good English, can write with foreigners, oral communication is preferred

2. Master certain foreign trade skills and be able to communicate directly with foreign customers;

3. Hard working, strong learning ability and able to work under pressure;

Company address: 9 / f, block 8, building 8, wanda Washington C district, 888 avenue century avenue, meiling street, jinjiang city, fujian province

Contact person: miss zheng 13675037391

Contact number: 0595-22281198

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